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Silver Cup Dames (uit)
Silver Cup Heren (thuis)
Teamzondag Stick d'r In
Teamzondag Assepushters
Teamzondag Kanniballen
Aanvoerdersoverleg II
Algemene Leden Vergadering II
Don Quiski
Kiki Merks
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Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are available in many ways and forms. We always try to give personal care to all of our partners. We happily create personal sponsor-packets where we do not just look at exposure but also explore further opportunities to work together in solving problems you might experience in your company.
For more information and personalised cooperation please contact our public relations officer Ilse van der Heijden at [email protected]

Please also ask for opportunities to work together during our lustrum-year 2017-2018

Below you can find our exposure-opportunities and their price indication
Price indication
€40,- ~ €125,-
Exposure in newsletter (digitally and physically)
Personal post on site/Facebook/Twitter
€125,- ~ €250,-
Folders in the Pavilion(clubhouse)
Signage in the Pavilion(clubhouse)
Messages/Posters via the digital communication screen in the Pavilion (clubhouse)
Permanent link and banner on our site
€250,- ~ €500,-
Signage around our hockey turf
Signage around our new second hockey turf. Available from the first of March 2016
Personalised (push) messages/vacancies send to our members
Exposure on clothing of our selection-teams
€500,- +
Naming of our hockey pitches. These names are used and displayed on all websites of the dutch Hockey associations
Permanent logo on our pitch
Signage around our pitches larger than 5m2