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All our members are supposed to have a students sports card of the Student Sports Center (SSC) of TU/e. You can get this card at the reception of the sports center. To get this card you have to bring your proof of registration at the university or "hoge school”. With this card, you can play all kind of sports at the sports center and use their facilities.

Registering at the Student Sport Center (SSC)

All of our members need to register themselves with the SSC as a member of E.S.H.V. Don Quishoot. Otherwise you will not be allowed to participate in training sessions or matches.

How can you do this?:

Stap 1: Go to the SSC website

Stap 2: Log on using your account

Stap 3: Navigate to 'Profile'

Stap 4:  Navigate to 'Associations'

Stap 5: Add Don Quishoot and press save

In case you're unable to log on using your email address, please contact [email protected] and [email protected]


Contribution at E.S.H.V. Don Quishoot is divided into the following categories:


Competition member: €120,-

Half-yearly competition member: €60,-

Half-yearly training and half-yearly competition member: €80,-

Training member: €40,-

Medical rehabilitation member: €5,-

Indoor hockey: €220,- per team (independent of the number of players)

Are you a competition member and going abroad for half a year? Please contact us before the start of the season so that you do not have to pay full competition member contribution.

The contribution is collected once a year in November.

Ref your way up!

From the 2011-2012 season, Don Quishoot uses a new referee system. Obviously not everyone likes having to be the referee, hence we have introduced a system in which members pay a "deposit" at the beginning of the year. For both field- and indoor hockey, this deposit is included in the contribution. Sinds seizoen 2011-2012 werkt Don Quishoot met een nieuw systeem voor de scheidsrechters. Niet iedereen vind het even leuk om te fluiten dus hebben we een systeem ingevoerd waarbij leden aan het begin van het jaar allemaal, 'borg' betalen. Bij zowel het veldhockey als zaalhockey zit deze in de contributie inbegrepen. For every game of which you are the referee, you'll receive €10,-. Rather not? That's fine, just make sure that you find someone who'll replace you. In tun, this person will receive the €10,-. You like being a referee? Lucky you, you just found yourself a way to potentially earn back all of your contribution! The goal of this system is to have a large referee base consisting of people who like refereeing and want to get better at it, whilst earning something extra.