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Silver Cup Dames (uit)
Silver Cup Heren (thuis)
Teamzondag Stick d'r In
Teamzondag Assepushters
Teamzondag Kanniballen
Aanvoerdersoverleg II
Algemene Leden Vergadering II
Don Quiski
Kiki Merks
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History of Don Quishoot

E.S.H.V. Don Quishoot, named after the idealistic and foolish here Don Quichot, was established on the 4th of August, 1997. When it was established, the goal was to gather teams of different student associations in Eindhoven on Sundays. Since then, Don Quishoot is the homebase for all the student who want to combine sportsmanship and cosiness/fun. 

From the beginning, Don Quishoot has its own personality, a tumultuous hockey club who values its members. Don Quishoot, unlike other hockey clubs in the region who provide hockey for all the ages, aims only at students. We are a real student hockey club and we show off our shining skills every Sunday both on and off the field. First we play a nice game of hockey and have a party afterwards with other students/members.

We are the ideal sport club for all the students, even if you never touched a hockey stick. By joining Don Quishoot you will get to know a lot new people, you will play hockey in a fun team and enjoy numerous activities. A great time is guaranteed! 

Are you the new topscorer of the first, second and/or third half? Sign yourself up right now! You can join us at any moment and together with you, we are going to find the right team! You can sign yourself up through the site or via email to [email protected]