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Do you want to bring Don Quishoot to a new height? We can use your support! Joining a committee is the perfect way to do something extra for the club and for yourself! Below, you can find the description of all the Committees. Which one do you like the best and do you want to join? 

If you have any interest or questions, don’t hesitate to mail to [email protected]

You can also mail directly to the president of the Committee, you will find the information at the bottom of this page. 

Activity Committee
The activity Committee organizes all sorts of things ranging from fun to serious activities. Apart from organising parties (for example NTF3), it tries to organise some educational and business activities. The goal of the Committee is to promote Don Quishoot in a positive way. In an ideal situation, the activity Committee has 5­ to 6 members. There is also a possibility to join the Committee just for one activity. If you are interested in a business activity, you can join only for this activity. 

Beer Committee
This Committee is responsible for the bar on hockey Sundays and parties in the Paviljoen. There are different shifts on a day, so you won’t have to do it the whole day. You will work together with somebody else. You also won’t have to work every Sunday, the Committee is big enough to rotate shifts. 

Intro Committee

Do you think Don Quishoot is the coolest and best club of Eindhoven and would you like to promote it during the intro week of the TUe? If that’s the case, this will be the best Committee for you! Before the introduction week, you will think of some ways to promote Don Quishoot with your fellow committee members. During the actual week you will make those plans happen with the help of lot of other members from the club, so  Don Quishoot will get a lot of new hockeyers!

Don Quiski
For the first time in the history of Don Quishoot, there is a Don Quiski Committee. They are responsible for organising a ski/snowboard trip for the members of the club. 

Family Tournament Committee
Another new Committee of Don Quishoot! May 7th of this year, there will be a family tournament for all the members and their families of Don Quishoot.